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06 June 2005

Uncle Jack's

(from Strange Musings)

Recently I've been on a kick to drive up readership of my blogs. No real reason, I'm just kinda curious to see how many readers I can get. I signed up for Blog Explosion, which is one of a billion blog cross-promotion webpages, but they have an entertaining credits system you can use to advertise your blog more within their webpages. The way you earn these credits is (predictably) to view other blogs. In the process I came across Uncle Jack's, which must be the lamest blog ever, with a WONDERFUL article about whether ROTH IRAs or traditional retirement plans are better.

Yes, I know I'm driving up his traffic with this post, but it entertains me that someone would post such things in a *personal* blog, and additionally that he'd go and advertise the blog when the subtitle says the blog's for friends and family!

Man, are my blogs this lame?


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