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13 September 2005

death of meta?

I've been paying less attention to this blog for a while now. Just not as much to comment on I guess in the blog-o-sphere. That and what IS worth commenting on, is worth putting in my main blog. I'm considering retiring this blog. For now I'm going to stop listing it in searches and on blogexplosion, but I'm not going to delete it - I don't like getting rid of information.

If you're sad and need your dose of

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10 September 2005

Bloggers Against Bush

I have to be honest and say I don't understand the concept of impeachment well enough to (yet) support impeaching Bush, but I'm planning to look it up. If you do think he should be impeached, there's a bunch of bloggers who're calling for it and you can join them.

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09 September 2005

12 (LJ) Babes of Xmas

Apparently someone's set up an annual 12 Babes of Xmas competition. Your nominee must be a livejournal user, and come October there'll be a vote. The full list of nominees contains more than 600 unique individuals. Once you're nominated you can decline the nomination by doing nothing, or enter the contest by sending him a (non-nude) photo (or six) of yourself.

I wonder if the nominees have to actually be genetically female? What about transgenders and hermaphrodites? His FAQ doesn't cover that.

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03 September 2005

Ungratefulness vs Entitlement

I have discovered a new conservative blog for me to dislike, Ogre's View.

I am very seriously considering withdrawing all my support, financial and otherwise, for victims of the hurricane...

These people are complete and total a-holes. I'm sorry about the language, as I try and keep it clean here, but these people are horrible scum. If I were there and I held out water to someone who hadn't had a drink in 3 days and they said, "about time," I'd yank that damn water back and pour it on the ground.

This is what the "entitlement mentality" breeds. Sorry excuses for humans not just waiting for assistance, but demanding it. Hey scum of the earth in New Orleans: I OWE YOU NOTHING. NOTHING, DAMMIT.

I had been wondering for days why reports kept coming in about people in places "waiting for help." It confused me because if it were me, I wouldn't sit there waiting. I don't care if I had nothing, sitting still waiting wouldn't get me anything. I'd leave, if nothing else, and go find a public water fountain in Florida.


  1. People weren't allowed out of the Superdome, even CNN admitted this in an article yesterday (anyone got a link?) when they said that people to be housed in the Astrodome will be given passes to come and go as they please, as wasn't allowed in the Superdome.

  2. If I had been without water for 5 days or however long it was in 100º weather, I'd be demanding help too. I am just thankful these people were still strong enough to do so. Their rage at the situation may have kept some from giving up and dying.

  3. Ever try walking from New Orleans to Florida? I bet it takes a few days, by which time you'll have died from dehydration in the 100º heat.

  4. You're right, you don't owe anyone anything. But the United States Government does. When we ousted Saddam Hussein, we criticized the living conditions of his people, and we continue to brandish that against Kim Jong-il of North Korea.

I'm not sure whether this guy is hateful, or just ignorant. Interestingly, my own views on the people who didn't leave have changed over the last week as I've learned more. I guess I can conclude that I was ignorant.

01 September 2005

Comment Spamming

How appropriate that it is on this blog of mine that I suddenly face comment spamming. Having only recently learned the term, correct me if I get it wrong. Comment spamming is when someone (or lots of someones, or the same someone lots of times) posts "content-less" comments on your blog essentially saying "come visit my website/blog." To see this in action, check out these posts. As this is often automated, Blogger now has a "human-verification" option where commenters have to type in some letters they see in order to be able to post the comment. My apologies to the real humans out there for adding the inconvenience, but hopefully now comments will be useful.

UFO Toll Booth

UFO wackos like the one discussed here crack me up. Look for my helpful comment in there somewhere.

Katrinia Ideas

I've been commenting a bunch on Strange Musings on small, cheap/free things you can do to help people hurt by Katrina. If you want some ideas, go look.

28 August 2005


I am a liberal, if you haven't yet figured it out. I think the American Civil Liberties Union is doing wonderful things for our country, helping enforce the separation of Church and State (prayer in schools, evolution vs ID, 10 Commandments in courthouses), ensuring that all are treated equally in the eyes of the law (gay rights), and helping defend people who are unable to defend themselves (people detained at Guantanamo Bay). Despite being a liberal, I totally understand that there are many people who disagree with my beliefs, and feel that the ACLU is undermining their way of life. What I don't get is people who think that the ACLU is communist, anarchist, and wishes to take away people's rights. (If nothing else, communism and anarchy are definitely NOT the same thing.)

Examples of blogs and webpages I've run across along these lines:

Amusingly, the last one had a link to Congress.org which gives you the names and contact info for your legislators based on your zip code, so I find the page useful. But I usually get that info from the AAS's Contact Congress page anyways.

26 August 2005


I've heard this claim before, that only some of the letters on a word need to be right, but it's always interesting to see again.

"Parent Theory" bunk, "Santa Claus Theory" more plausible

Man, I love how everyone's jumping on the evolution bandwagon. Some of the posts in the blogosphere are particularly amusing. Go have a laugh!