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28 August 2005


I am a liberal, if you haven't yet figured it out. I think the American Civil Liberties Union is doing wonderful things for our country, helping enforce the separation of Church and State (prayer in schools, evolution vs ID, 10 Commandments in courthouses), ensuring that all are treated equally in the eyes of the law (gay rights), and helping defend people who are unable to defend themselves (people detained at Guantanamo Bay). Despite being a liberal, I totally understand that there are many people who disagree with my beliefs, and feel that the ACLU is undermining their way of life. What I don't get is people who think that the ACLU is communist, anarchist, and wishes to take away people's rights. (If nothing else, communism and anarchy are definitely NOT the same thing.)

Examples of blogs and webpages I've run across along these lines:

Amusingly, the last one had a link to Congress.org which gives you the names and contact info for your legislators based on your zip code, so I find the page useful. But I usually get that info from the AAS's Contact Congress page anyways.

26 August 2005


I've heard this claim before, that only some of the letters on a word need to be right, but it's always interesting to see again.

"Parent Theory" bunk, "Santa Claus Theory" more plausible

Man, I love how everyone's jumping on the evolution bandwagon. Some of the posts in the blogosphere are particularly amusing. Go have a laugh!

22 August 2005

Willful Ignorance

This person has a strange theory that everyone is born believing in God, and that if you "lose" that belief to become an atheist, that you are being willfully ignorant. As I commented in reply, "funny, that's how I feel about people who deny evolution."

The author makes the normal logical fallacy of depending on the Bible for his arguments--it is a perfectly valid argument to those who already believe, but it will not win any converts--however the discussion in the comments section is interesting.