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05 July 2005

Serial sex offender and murder's blog found

From his first entry, on January 4, 2004, to his last, on May 13, 2005, Duncan's writings reveal a conflicted man battling personal "demons" and the stigma of a teenage rape conviction.


Throughout the 17 months he kept his blog, Duncan displays intense concern for himself whenever a child is reported missing, fearing police will automatically come calling because he is on the offender registry.

In fact, his first entry finds him trying to reconstruct what he did on a particular day in the past because he just learned a 5-year-old girl had gone missing 200 miles away on that day.


The post also introduced a theme common in his writings: that offenders "are victims, too" and that they often don't understand that they've hurt someone.

In his own history, he wrote, "I was molested so often and by so many different people that, up until the time of my offense, I actually thought it was normal and that everybody did it."

Although he denied he is a pedophile, Duncan defended pedophilia.

This is a man I feel should be pitied, and then locked away forever. He seems to be struggling to understand that what he does is wrong, but not quite able to grasp it. I don't think he'll ever understand it.

(reprinted from News Unfit)


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